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Continuing Education & Internships

Predoctoral Internships

This training program runs from September to August 2 days per week. 

Areas of Specialization

Students can choose to focus their training in sex and couple therapy, general psychotherapy, or a combination of the two.

Clinical Training

Interns opting for the half-time internship will follow an average of 8 cases per week. They will also receive one- to-one supervision with at least two supervisors. The cases will be chosen to reflect the student’s training goals.


There are 2 salaried positions available per year.


Doctoral students in clinical or counselling psychology who have completed some clinical work and are eligible to apply. Suitable candidates will be called for an interview if they make the short list of candidates.

How to Apply

Please forward the following documents:

  1. Statement of the applicant’s interests and goals

  2. A curriculum vitae including description of all pertinent clinical experience

  3. Two letters of reference

  4. A transcript of undergraduate and graduate grades

Send all of the above by December 15 to:

Dr. Dennis Kalogeropoulos
Executive Director
2791 Cote-Ste-Catherine Road
Montreal, Quebec
H3T 1B5

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