Dr. Kalogeropoulos Lecture
Dr. Kalogeropoulos Lecture

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Dr. Kalogeropoulos Lecture
Dr. Kalogeropoulos Lecture

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Dennis Kalogeropoulos, PhD

Dr. Kalogeropoulos is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist practicing in the Montreal area for 35 years. He offers a wide-range of psychological services for adolescents and adults. His specialty areas include treatments for anxiety, depression, burn-out, interpersonal, sexual and couple difficulties as well as issues related to identity, self-esteem and wellness. 

Dr. Kalogeropoulos has been actively involved in training senior doctoral candidates in sex and couple therapy for over three decades. He has trained close to a hundred psychologists in this specialty area. Many of them have become internationally respected specialists in this field. In addition to his passion for clinical work and training of senior doctoral candidates, he has a passion for teaching and enlightening individuals on issues related to sexual and interpersonal well-being and has lectured extensively to health professionals and community groups and organizations. 

Dr. Kalogeropoulos completed his studies at both McGill and Concordia Universities. Formerly on staff at the Psychology Departments of the McGill University Health Center (MUHC), Concordia and McGill Universities. He is currently the Executive Director of Psychologia – a Montreal-based, multilingual clinic offering a wide range of psychological services to individuals of all ages.

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